Tuesday, January 19

January 19th, 2010: Hell is gonna freeze over

Sometimes I wonder why people underestimate me. I quickly realize it's because I so often hold back that they never see all the cards in my hand. For instance, at work I'll get asked a question by a coworker. Sometimes I'll instantly know the answer, but I'll act like I don't so I don't come off as a know it all. Or when my boss is trying to calculate numbers, and I do the math in my head, but punch it out on the calculator, because I don't want him to know that I'm smarter than he is. Why do I do that? I shouldn't let stereotypes define who I am. So, from now on, I'll show my cards proudly and exclaim just how much I have to offer.

The reason I had these thoughts was that once again, my favorite coworker, Donna, decided to rain on my parade. She's much older than I am, divorced, and bitter at the world. I think she's so incredibly jealous of my life, that her ultimate goal is to be as mean and hateful as possible to me. She acts like an incredible know it all, even though she's wrong 99% of the time. But who's counting? I finally just let it go and went about my business. I've written her nice emails, brought her coffee, gotten her a birthday card, but all to no avail. She's just going to stay bitter. I guess by now it just suits her.

So the CEO and CFO of my company finally decided they have time to meet with me, and our meeting is scheduled for Friday morning. Joy. Now I'll hopefully have some answers and closure will be in sight. It is safe to say that after all of that I was very glad for the day to be over.

I headed home to get ready to meet my old friend Benson for dinner. Benson (Ben) and I grew up together, attended the same high school and college, and he now is an attorney where I live. We've been meaning to catch up since the holidays, but haven't had time. I wanted to get some advice from him about Law, as I'm considering law school as an option of what I might want to do with my life. My dad is a former attorney, and since I'm always being told that I'm "just like him," it seems like a feasible option. I also really enjoy debating, so it may be a good fit. Ben and I met for drinks and dinner and caught up on family and friends. He listened intently and gave me great advice. He told me he thought I'd make an excellent attorney, and asked thoughtful questions. We laughed and had a grand time as usual. And then that's when it happened. Hell froze over. You see, Ben is a confirmed bachelor. He's the guy that's always said he'll never get married. He's incredible intelligent, funny, confident on the border of being cocky, and an all around great guy. He's as wild as they come, and loves following his own rules. But apparently he finally met his match. He announced that he is getting married, and couldn't be happier. My jaw literally dropped. I'm just so happy for him, because I think this is the happiest and most content I've ever seen him. I decided right there that if Ben can finally settle down, and give up his bachelor pad, and his wild side, that NOTHING is impossible. He gave me a great speech about finding love, and how it hits you in the face, and that he hoped that one day very soon we could sit down again, and I'd be giving him the same great news. What a nice thing to say. He told me I deserved it, and for the first time in a long time, I actually believed him.

I've come a long way baby. :)

Good night.

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