Monday, May 23

Sasha Rhett Guest Blog

Recently I was asked to write a guest post for Sasha Rhett watches. I interviewed the designer, Alexandra Daum, for a post on Unabashedly Prep back in 2010, and they liked it so much, they asked me to help out with their new blog. You can check out the original post here.  I expanded on the original piece and decided to share it with all of you. I hope you find my expansion into women's fashion as exciting as I do. You should expect to start seeing more of it from now on. Happy Shopping!

For some people the thought of building a spring/summer wardrobe can be quite daunting. Especially when most women look in their closets and immediately think I have nothing to wear. In reality, most women have too many things to wear, which is why dressing can seem overwhelming, especially for a last-minute event or outing.

As the daughter of not one, but two avid shoppers, I've learned how to stretch my clothing budget, and to buy things that will last many seasons. The key is to purchase items of clothing that compliment each other, and basics that keep up with the trends, yet are classic. The best way to do this is to choose classic-shaped clothing in colors that compliment the season, your skin tone, and your figure. As much as I'd love to buy the latest offering in Vogue or In Style, these items are simply out of my everyday price range. After doing some serious closet cleaning for the upcoming season, I put together a list of items that would help me create a mix & match wardrobe that would last well into the warmer months. The best part? These 8 pieces can be combined with staples that many of you likely already own, and not one of them will set you back more than $119. I've also included some accessories, and have styled a few outfits to show you the various options available. This will help get your imagination flowing, as the possibilities are endless.

For even more time saving, I suggest grouping several outfits together in your closet at the beginning of each week. You can even put all of your accessories in a drawstring pouch and include them on the hanger; just grab and go. On the mornings that I'm late for a meeting, this has immensely helped me. It's also quite useful if you have to travel for work. I hope that you'll find these bright, cheery pieces as a great guide while you're out shopping for spring and summer. Remember the most important rule of all: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confidant. However, if a few simple alterations will make it perfect, run, don't walk to your tailor. No matter the price, it's not a bargain if it doesn't fit like it was custom made.
Spring/Summer 2011
Polyvore Collection

Spring/Summer 2011 by FabulousMissLA featuring summer skirts

I've numbered the main pieces for ease of matching.
1. Fuchsia double-breasted blazer, $100
2. Chambray button down, $98
3. Turquoise pencil skirt, $118
4. White trench coat, $90
5. Yellow linen skirt, $88
6. Striped boat neck blouse, $60
7. Striped v-neck dress, $119
8. White cropped pant, $40

Bags, clockwise:
Canvas and leather satchel, $158
Stone bow clutch, $80
Green zip-pocket satchel, $228
Cognac cross-body bag, $100

Shoes, clockwise:
Pink patent ballet flats, $180
Green flats with bow, $70
Brown espadrille wedges, $80
Navy Top-siders, $75
Canvas and leather slingbacks, $90

Accessories, counterclockwise:
Sasha Rhett Gold Round watch with snakeskin double wrap strap, $299**
Sasha Rhett Navy snakeskin gold double wrap strap, $75
Sasha Rhett Green snakeskin gold double wrap strap, $65
Brown woven prairie belt, $45
Pink patent belt, $32
Raffia belt with orange bow, $26
Khaki double-buckle belt, $22
Straw fedora, $58
Orange and Navy fabric and chain bangles, $38
Multi-color stripe bangle, $5.80
Polka dot gold ring, $5.80
Gold link bracelet, $88
Gold clover drop earrings, $49
Turquoise bead necklace, $59
Maltese pin/enhancer, $19
Pearl stud earrings, $25

**These watches have interchangeable straps, further adding to the versatility of these ensembles. Just switch out the strap to change your watch from day to evening.

Here are some of the ensembles I styled from the pieces below:

1 + 7
Canvas and leather slingbacks
Green zip-pocket satchel
Sasha Rhett gold watch with navy snakeskin double wrap strap
Pearl stud earrings
Gold link bracelet

Weekend at the coast:
2 + 8
Brown woven prairie belt - leave the top untucked, and belt like a tunic
Navy Top-siders
Cognac cross-body bag
Sasha Rhett gold watch with green snakeskin strap
Straw fedora
Pearl stud earrings

Dinner & drinks:
6 + 3
Raffia belt with orange bow
Brown espadrille wedges
Stone bow clutch
Sasha Rhett Gold Round watch with snakeskin double wrap strap
Gold clover drop earrings
Orange fabric and chain bangle

Shopping or the museum:
4 + 5, trench worn open with belt tied in back
Navy & White top or other basic from your closet
Pink patent belt, tuck in shirt and belt just under ruffle detail
Pink patent ballet flats
Pearl stud earrings
Multi-color stripe bangle

Other possible combinations:
1 + 2 + 8, Pink patent ballet flats
4 + 2 + 3, Brown espadrille wedges
1 + 6 + 3, Green flats with bow
4 + 7, Canvas and leather slingbacks, pink belt
4 + 5 + 6, Green flats with bow
1 + 5, basic top, Brown espadrille wedges
2 + 3, Pink patent ballet flats
1 + 6 + 8, Navy Top-siders
2 + 5, Brown espadrille wedges and belt
1 + 5 + 6, Green flats with bow
2 + 6 + 3, Canvas and leather slingbacks
6 + 5, Pink patent, Pink patent ballet flats
2 + 7, with Khaki double-buckle belt and Brown espadrille wedges
6 + 8, Pink patent ballet flats
2 + 6 + 5, Brown woven prairie belt, Canvas and leather slingbacks

1 + 3, basic top, Brown espadrille wedges
7, alone with various belts, shoes, accessories

Of course, the possibilities are endless. And if you have any questions about how to incorporate into your own wardrobe, feel free to contact me!