Friday, January 15

January 15th, 2010

I'm SO glad it's Friday! Man, these last two weeks have been a little rough. I went in to work today to prep for our offsite meeting that started around noon. Got all I needed to accomplish at the office, then trudged across town in the torrential downpour to make it to the meeting. All twenty marketing packages complete, powerpoint presentation on the flash drive, and all handouts ready to go. A week and a half preparing for this meeting and was so glad that it was almost over.

And when I arrive I wait outside for half an hour because the first session ran over. And one of the officers of our company comes out and tells me that they will be scrapping the entire second half of the meeting. All my work for nothing. And after I finish my lunch, they have the audacity to tell me to go back to the office on the opposite side of town. When the rest of the staff that had driven over as well asked about this they were told they could go home. So I asked my boss if I too could have the day off, and he wanted to know if I could go in to make ONE phone call to schedule an appointment for him in mid-February. Um, seriously? So, I made the executive decision that said phone call could wait 'til Monday and that I'd be heading home. Countless hours of overtime, missed lunches, and trips acorss town later and they still weren't satisfied. All this after they told me that they were eliminating my job. I'm all for loyalty, but that just about pushed me over the edge.

And so I came home and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at my house, enjoying the rain and time with my dog. I hope that the rest of my weekend shapes up to be as good as this afternoon. Good night!

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