Tuesday, February 2

January 31, 2010: Moving out and moving on

Sunday. I drove back from Ally's house Sunday morning. I had to leave Molly behind, and it was bittersweet. I love my pup so much. She's my best friend, and constant companion. Knowing that I'll be spending two weeks away from her breaks my heart.

I got back to my house and started packing again. It was brutally cold, and after a solid effort, I made it over to James' house to unload my stuff. I'll be staying in the ultimate bachelor pad for the next two weeks, and it's going to be a good change of pace for me. Imagine a 50'' HD flat screen, PS3, Wii, Netflix on Demand, an iMac, recording equipment, a kegerator complete with 4 taps, and surround sound to top it all off. Oh, and the fridge has a 75/25 ratio of beer to food. And I'd say that quite a large sum of the food is actually condiments.

After I got settled in, I went back into town to eat dinner at L&G's house. My favorite Sunday night restaurant. We had spinach lasagna and caesar salad. Delicious. After a satisfying meal, I headed back to my place for one last night's sleep there.

Good night,

Miss L.A.

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