Thursday, February 4

February 2, 2010: Monotony abounds

Tuesday. Normally new music Tuesday, but with the state I've been in lately, I'll have to catch up next week.

I went back to the office today, and by now the news is out that I've resigned. I've had mixed reactions. Some people have come up to me and seemed genuinely sad, others haven't even mentioned it. We're going to do a lunch next week, and possibly a happy hour. I'll miss a few people at my office. Namely my direct supervisor, Maria, who tells me all about her huge Hispanic family, and speaks TexMex when she gets excited. The two other marketing gals, Jo and Angel. They are awesome. Jo is close to my age, married and lives in a small town. She and I share a love for shopping and country music. Angel is about the same age as my mom and is hands down the sweetest lady ever. She prays for me, cooks for me, and brings a smile to my face everyday. She is everyone's ideal coworker. She faces some of life's hardest trials with a constant smile. Her husband has late stage Multiple Sclerosis, and is bedridden. They both are the happiest people I know. John, her husband, will call the office, and is always overjoyed to talk to me. I bake for him, and he calls and just oohs and ahhs over the treats.

So, with the good people I've gotten to know at work, it will be bittersweet to leave. Even with all the horrid communication, the gossip, the behind the back business deals, I will still miss my office. I'll leave with a great new set of skills and a new appreciation for my next job.

Unfortunately because I'm leaving, I am working on one mind numbing project after another. My day was filled with indexing and merging duplicate files. All 1600 of them. This will take days to complete, but at least when I'm done, I won't have to ever look at these files again. That alone brings a smile to my face.

'Til tomorrow,

Miss L.A.

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