Tuesday, February 2

February 1, 2010: Transition begins

Monday. I got up, cleaned the house from top to bottom, and cleaned out the fridge. I was quite tired after all that work, and a weekend of packing and moving. I got a hot shower in and headed over to level out the ratio of food to beer at James' house. I ended up staying there for the rest of the day, and Alex came over to hang out as well. We spent a majority of the afternoon scheming good ideas for her wedding, and drinking apple wine. (Brewed by James and DELICIOUS.)

In the evening, some of the our posse headed over to chill while James brewed another batch of beer, and we all huddled around the brew pot to keep warm. We laughed, drank, and discussed the endless possibilities my life might take in just a few short weeks. I sat back and realized how blessed I've been the last six years to have friends like these. Friends that will sacrifice convenience and their homes just to make sure I have a place to stay. I'll miss them more than they know.

Time to get some rest.

Until next time,

Miss L.A.

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