Tuesday, January 5

January 5th: It's Complicated

So even though I was home sick today with a lovely stomach bug, my day managed to be a tad complicated.

I spent a majority of it sleeping or drinking water, and I'm finally feeling better.

Why was it complicated then? Because Wes called. And we talked about what happened this weekend and what we're going to do about this. And the conversation was emotional, and upsetting, and tear-filled. Overall, it was hopeful. Wes admitted that he wasn't sure where these feelings about me are coming from and that he's trying to figure that out. The fact that he's willing to explore that is HUGE. I've waited for 10 years for him to kiss me or tell me he has romantic feelings for me. For him to say that he'll even analyze this is a step. He must break down these walls one brick at a time in order for him to open up to me about any of this.

So, with my brain filled with this new insight, I think I'll head to bed. Good night.

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