Sunday, January 3

January 2, 2010

So today was filled with lots of mind enhancement. I did a workout video, watched a movie, finished a great book, went to see another movie, then had girls' night in with the neighborhood ladies.

I watched Flags of Our Fathers and It's Complicated. I finished A Time Traveler's Wife. Flags of Our Fathers just reminded me how men can be so profoundly affected by war, and how most are never the same. It was sad.

It's Complicated was hilarious. I laughed out loud many times. It was quite heartwarming too. I just love Meryl Streep. I identified with her character, and it made me long for a family to love and care for, and to feed. I LOVE to cook, and rarely get the chance to anymore.

Finishing A Time Traveler's Wife made me cry. My heart broke for Clare and Alba. How sad to lose your great love and know that he's still out there, but you can't see him. It also made me hopeful that I'll have a great love like that one day.

Girls' Night In was fun as usual. We ate good food, sipped on wine, and conversed about life. I am really blessed to be surrounded by such amazing women.

After a full day, I'm off to bed. I'm loving the new year thus far. Let's hope it stays that way! Good night.

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