Monday, January 4

January 3, 2009

So because I'm trying to make this year be the best and most positive yet, I thought going to church on the first Sunday of the year would be a good idea. It was great to have my soul fed with such great words of wisdom so early in the year. The sermon discussed 'A Hopeful Question' about whether you would choose to lead a spiritually healthy life for 2010. The pastor discussed a parable where Jesus asks a crippled man if he would like to be healed. The pastor discussed how we must be willing to be healed, and ask for help. In other words, you've got to put in some effort in order to get what you want, and what God wants for you, out of life. So many times I've likely failed because I didn't necessarily want to be helped, or wasn't willing to put in any hard work. God gave me SO many great talents and abilities, now I just need to use them.

So, after a great morning at church, I went to lunch with my 'church' family, and then headed to my BFF's house to watch some NFL football. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Our team won, which made it even better (and extends my football season!) I may be pretty girly, but being that my father had no sons, he passed on his love for sports to my sister and I. We both absolutely LOVE football. But hey, in the South, football is considered a religion :)

After that, I headed home, popped in a movie, and went to sleep. A great end to the first weekend of the year. If only I weren't worried about what might happen with my job this week. But hey, that's for another day. Hope everyone has a great week!

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