Sunday, January 24

January 24, 2010: Back to Reality

So I finally felt like myself again today. It was so great to get up, get ready, and leave the house and actually feel good again. I went to church this morning, and the sermon was on Metamorphosis. I thought the topic was a bit ironic, being that I'd been stuck in the cocoon of my house this week. It was good to see my friends Alex and James at church and we chatted and caught up on life. Alex and I planned on grabbing sushi sometime soon so we can catch up on her wedding plans.

After church I came back home and continued with some of my reading, and watched an episode of Dexter. I'm still trying to catch up on the fourth season, and from what everyone has told me, I'm in a for some big surprises at the end. I refuse to cheat and read any spoilers. I'm excited to see where this season ends.

I ended the day having dinner over at L&G's house. We made some delicious French dishes, including carrot and turnip gratin, complete with Gruyere cheese sauce, and buttered bread crump topping. Delicious. Not a bad meal to introduce my stomach back to real eating. Being that I've survived on soup, ice cream, and gatorade for the last 5 days, I was ready to eat some real food again. L and I drank wine, chatted about work and life, and sipped on hot chocolate for dessert. We decided that I would teach her how to make biscuits next weekend, and have another Sunday dinner. It's a great ritual we have, and I always leave with an armful of leftovers. Yum.

So after a wonderful day of great weather, good company, and delicious food, I'm off to bed to prep for my big meeting tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Miss L.A.

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