Sunday, February 21

February 20, 2010: out with the old...

So I had to get up very early for a baby shower this morning. One of my college roommates is having her first baby in April, and I had to be there at 10 AM. After going to bed a 3, this came very early. I made it, and had a great time. I got to see so many of my girlfriends from high school, and their moms too. Everyone was really excited to know I had moved back home, and are excited about getting together. As much as I always feel at home, it's a little awkward for me when I'm surrounded by all these fabulous ladies, and I'm always sort of odd man out. All my girlfriends from high school are married, and most have at least one child. It's like I don't really belong to the club. No one wants an opinion about babies from a lady who doesn't have kids. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy where I am in my life. I could have settled and gotten married and had a baby by now. Not to say that any of these ladies did that. They all have really great men in their lives. I just know that I haven't met that guy just yet. Or maybe I have and I just don't know it :)

After the shower, I headed back to Ralph's to get the packing and moving finished up. When I got there, I immediately remembered why I never want to live on a 2nd story when moving. I got in a lot of cardio with running up and down the stairs so many times. After 5 hours of running around, we finally got everything into the new place. I couldn't believe how tired I was. It took an energy drink, some dinner, and several sodas to get me going. I had to get pumped up because I was meeting an old flame, Blue, out for the evening. I met Blue through my sister's former boyfriend. Blue is nothing like any man I've ever been attracted to. But he is so incredibly sexy. He's older than me, very tall, extremely built, has beautiful eyes, great small, good jaw line, looks amazing in a pair of jeans. He rides a Harley, and his hair is as long as mine. He's a musician, and shares a love of country and the blues with me. He dances, he listens, and he's got an edge to him that makes him a little off limits. I never thought a man like Blue would ever be interested in me, but when we kissed for the first time last year, I was a goner.

I met Blue up at his usual bar. It was karaoke night, and most of the regulars were in attendance. I got to see so many of my sister's old friends, and it was great to catch up. Sis doesn't frequent there much anymore, as this is where she met her boyfriend who tragically passed away last year from a bike accident. These guys all still ask about her though. As much fun as I had, it wasn't the same without her there. Blue and I had a few drinks, caught up on life, and danced a little. Everytime he touched me I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Something about this man just drives me absolutely crazy. He finally convinced me to sing, and I got a big rouse out of the crowd. When I got off stage, he was there waiting to give me a hug. And then he asked me if I wanted to form a band with him. My dream come true. He's got all the musicians we need, and we have a place to practice. As scary as this is to me, it's also what I've wanted all along. And so after a night of hanging out with my old friends, Blue and I made plans to get together this week and have a little jam session. I secretly can't wait to see him again. When he got up on stage and played his harmonica, I thought I might cry. I am blow away by his talent. I'm just so honored that he thinks that I'm talented enough to perform in a band with him. As much as I know that I'm good, when someone that you admire offers a compliment, it's the best feeling in the world.

I'm excited to see what happens with his man. He pushed me completely out of my comfort zone, and that's exactly what I need.

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