Tuesday, May 1

My Casa, In Progress

So, I promised some photos of my house, now that it's "designed" if you will. I can't title this post "After" because my house is continuously in progress. As a creative person, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my living space and create new things to make it my own. Because I live on a pretty tight budget, I can't afford to do all of these things at once. Sometimes I need to buy some new clothes, shoes, or accessories, too. I like my ensembles to be just as well designed as my house, after all!

So, without further ado, here is my lovely little house.

My living room. (And Molly, my sweet dog.)
Tufted Ottoman from Overstock.com, leather club chair from a garage sale,
houndstooth rug from Walmart.com (similar one)

View from the other side of my living room. I took and hand developed the photos 
above the couch while I lived in Italy in college.  Lampshade and base from Target, pillows are from 
the old Liberty of London for Target collection, and curtains are from IKEA. 

 My side table. The painting is of Patty Griffin, painted by my 
college roommate and BFF, Rachel. 
Frame from Aaron Brothers, tray is a DIY, vases are vintage. 

My entry table/desk. I painted the LOVE paintings back in 2002
(before Carrie had one in her apartment in the SATC movie), 
and made the record bowl from my favorite childhood album. The mirror was a purchase 
on a road trip to Cape Cod in college, and the other knick knacks are from various trips and estate sales.

My mantle. I have too many shoes, so I use a few as display items.
My fireplace is just for decoration, so I put a stained glass piece inside of it.
The mirror hung over my grandparents bed when I spent summers with them. 
The trunks are from various estate sales. 
The briefcase was my dad's from his very first job as a JAG attorney. 

The view from my front door. 

Close up of my mantle. A photo of my mom, candle from One King's Lane,
a platter painted by my BFF's mom, Ella, and a quote about Life. 

Close up of the other side of my mantle. Another photo of my mom, and of my nephews. 
A Vespa and Italian street cafe are my odes to when I lived in Italy in 2003. 

My dining room. The hutch will soon get a makeover in turquoise :)
The dining table was an anniversary gift from my grandfather to my grandmother. 
It's my favorite piece I own. You can see where they put their water glasses 
each morning for their entire marriage! Oh, and the table cloth is from Anthro

I use my hutch for displaying books, photos, etc. 
The bottom cabinets store all of my crafting supplies. 

One of my favorite projects. I redid this chair for about $34 total. 
A steal compared to the Jonathan Adler version! 

My wall of art in the dining room. These are just some of my favorite things.
My talented friends Julie and Tina added their art to this wall! 

The other wall of my dining room. The "box" on the dresser is my hope box. 
I place things that I feel blessed with and wish for inside. 
The dresser belonged to my grandfather, and it's another one of my favorite pieces. 

My tiny kitchen. The vintage elements are all my grandmothers. 
I purchased the turquoise mixer for a steal on Amazon, as it was being discontinued.
My plates and glasses are all mix and match. I collect vintage juice glasses and 
love how they look in the glass front cabinets. 

View from the hall into my girly bathroom. 
The wine rack has been revamped into a magazine rack in the hall. 
Rachel's dad, Mike, carved the lovely dove on my wall. 

The vintage powder room :)

Hand towels from T.J. Maxx. 

Vintage chair and hand mirror, candle and tray from Anthropologie, & shelf from Target. 

View from hallway into my bedroom. 
I can't seem to get a good picture of my hallway shelf. That will come soon. 

My bed. Bedding from Ruelala, Dwell bird pillow, redone vintage dresser, 
headboard from Craigslist, rug from Hautelook.com, and shams from West Elm. 

My travel wall. Cape Cod, NYC, London, Paris, Tuscany, Capri, and Martha's Vineyard. 
Trunk, bedside table, and tea kettle are all family heirlooms.

My vanity is from Pottery Barn. The rocker was my great grandparents, and my great grandmother made the quilt on it. The map of Paris was purchased while living in Europe. 

DIY art, garage sale lamp, jewelry box is a gift from my mom, and the purse was purchased in Italy. 

DIY jewelry board in my closet. Madame sign is from Anthropologie, circa 2003. 

My crazy closet. 

Just one of my shoe organizers. 

 And because I just had to, my favorite DIY chevron wall over my mantle. 

Thanks for taking a tour of my house! I'll post some specifics on some of my DIY projects soon, and I'll be sure to update you on projects that I complete. 



  1. I love the record bowl idea! I have several, including Grease, Grease 2, from my 30th birthday pary. The BFF and Sister threw me a suprise party. The bowl idea is great way for me to be able to display a few of those. You will have to share how to do that!!

    As always, everything is fabulous. You're so talented! xoxo.

    1. Bobbie, You're such a loyal reader :) I'd love to share about the record bowl. It was one of my very first DIY projects. I know I had to get a metal coffee can, and put the record on top in the oven. I used a wooden spoon to make the proper creases around the edges. Not sure what temperature I used, but I'll do some

  2. Beautifully decorated! You and Rachel have such a knack. Thank you for sharing the items and the people behind them. Blessings! Tina

    1. Tina, thanks for reading! Your art contributions are on prominent display in my house :) My alter will always be one of my most treasured items that I own. Everyone that comes to my house always stops to ask about it. It's a lovely reminder of all that I am blessed with! Miss you, Pat, and Walden!

  3. Love your home, beautiful colors, I love all the furniture redo's.You have given me all kinds of ideas.