Tuesday, May 1

My Casa, Before

In April 2010, I moved into a 1920s duplex in the Cultural Arts district. I've wanted to live in this neighborhood since I was in my teens. I fell in love with the hardwood floors, the vintage wallpaper in the bathroom, and the huge closet. I sacrificed such things as a dishwasher for the love of vintage charm. Over the past 2 years, I've completed quite a few projects to turn this bare space into something that I really love. I don't have lots of spare change, so this was all done on a budget, and with lots of DIY efforts. Some of my friends call me the Queen of the Estate Sale, because that's where I tend to pick up most of my finds. Between thrift stores, Ebay, my parents attic, Craigs List, and some road side acquisitions, I've gotten pretty lucky on finding the perfect pieces for my space. At least for now. So, here's a peak at my house when I moved in. I'll share pictures this week of the space as it's evolved and what projects I have in the works. Thanks for reading and I hope I can help inspire some of you to do the same in your own homes!

View from the street. 

My very vintage, mint green bathroom.

The first section of my amazingly large closet!

The back half of my closet. 

Built in storage nook in my tiny hallway. 

The Dining Room Chandelier

Looking into the Living Room, from the Dining. 
(That's Ruby, my friend Jaedeanne's daughter. 
I can't believe how much she has grown in 2 years!)

My "decorative" fireplace and sconces

My VERY taupe kitchen. I do love the glass cabinets, though. 

Oversized laundry room/pantry. 

My gorgeous hardwood floors and the view from my front door.
That's the bedroom to the back left, and bathroom to the right. 

So, there is the tour of my house from when I first got the keys. I'll be back in my next post to show you the current state of affairs. Thanks for reading! 


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