Tuesday, February 16

February 13, 2010: driving, dinner, and the Big D

First, I owe an apology. I'm behind on my writing. I'm not really sure if I'm really apologizing to myself, but nonetheless, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Saturday morning I got up, packed up all my belongings, cleaned James' house, and got on the road. I had a few snags with some bridesmaid drama before I got out the door, but thankfully that all got cleared up. Women. God help us all. I stopped at Michelle's house on my way to see her, and her precious family. A rare occasion when they are all together!

On my way to my parents', my friend JR called. He wanted to welcome me into town by taking me to dinner. How nice. So, I headed toward his place, and he took me to a great Italian restaurant. Dinner was nice, even with the Valentine's crowd, and we shared a great bottle of wine. So the entire time I'm thinking this is a completely platonic dinner. And then on the way back to his place to get my car, he makes a pit stop. And what arrives back with him? Roses. That's right. I was flattered, but taken back as well. And when we got to his place, he tried to kiss me. And I just didn't want to go there. And when I tried to play it off in some sort of save face manner, he got upset. Like he actually wanted to know how he could take me to dinner, get me flowers, and NOT kiss him. And then I did the unthinkable. I started to cry. It was like DB was standing in front of me. And using all of his old tactics to guilt me into being with him. And I tried to explain this to JR, and he just didn't get it. He even said that he shouldn't have to suffer the consequences when he wasn't the one that hurt me. And that's when I got angry. I just couldn't believe a man could actually think that past experiences aren't ever going to affect future things. It may not be fair, but that's just life.

Even after all that went down, I finally made it home, and still felt good about being there. I knew that right where I started was exactly where I needed to be.

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